Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stillwater Reservoir, Summer 2011

Stillwater Reservoir, it's near Big Moose Station, and by near I mean 15 miles of hilly dirt and rock road. And when you get there - you have to get a site - it's first come, first served. No reservation, no cost, but you have to have a boat to get to all of the sites but one. You get your site, then put your boat in the water and in RB and my case - load that boat up till it looks like it will capsize with a strong breeze! LOL. Then putt putt our way to our site, we are fortunate in that most times the people we camp with have been there for a day already and have a site all picked out. We just go there. This time it was an island with two sites on it - but they are so far apart you never see the other people. It was beautiful and RB and I were on the beach. Very peaceful!
The first night we got to Stillwater - we had set up camp and decided to go out and try some fishing - I was too busy playing with the camera.

This place is so how we left ripples in the water and how the sun and clouds look in them.

This was on the other side of 'our' island campsite. You can tell which way the winds blow by looking at the top trees.

We caught quite a few small mouth bass - we let them go. It's exciting when you keep catching them over and over.

The view from our tent as the sun was rising. The lake was calm and clear - it was a very hot weekend - and very nice!

This is an area that is behind our island on the main land - it's the waterfalls as we all call it - very deep and cool so the bass love it when it gets hot out...

I couldn't resist adding this picture. It's a picture of THE BOX! - aka our outdoor bathroom. That's it for amenities up at Stillwater, but it does beat going in the woods (well for women anyway!)

Sunset on our second night - sky is just starting to pink up.

More of the pink sky reflecting on the lake.

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