Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Camp was wonderful! We brought in the new year with dear friends and family and mother nature. Again it was warmer than expected - the snow melted and it poured on New Years Eve - then cleared up enough for us to split and stack a cord+ of wood. RB has the oldest homemade splitter in the world - LOL but it works like a champ. The wood that we were splitting up was wet and frozen and HUGE - it took a lot of work for that splitter to get through those 2 foot in diameter logs - but darn it, it did.

We had some yummy appetizers - shrimp cocktail, veggies and dip, taco dip, cheese and crackers and pepperoni - and then for dinner we had salad, porterhouse steaks and au gratin/scalloped potatoes*.
It was incredibly good - I think that being up at camp, working hard and having fun makes everything taste better. 
*RB wanted me to make the box au gratin potatoes - 4 of them - because he loves them. Well I had a double box and bought two more - I was putting them together in the morning and noticed that the amounts of water and milk and butter were different on the boxes -but thought because I had a double box and that was a smaller size - I got it all together and put it in the oven. Then I started breaking down the boxes and realized that I had bought two scalloped potatoes and had made 2 of each. It was quite funny to realize how out of it I was!

The weather is starting to change - I just walked 35 minutes and at times the wind was crazy! It felt good to be in the fresh air.

Now it's time to start cleaning up stuff - my mother is coming to visit and I've kind of taken over the entire house! LOL - It would be nice if she could use the guest room and not feel like she's in a maze!

Happy New Year to you all!!!!

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