Saturday, May 12, 2012

Too early

Well it was way too early to plant our seedlings - I knew it but also knew that there was so much going on coming up that it may be worth it. It wasn't...we will have to do it all over again on Memorial Day weekend.

Today was a glorious day. Bright blue skies, warm sunshine. Washed my car - finished up some chores at my house and RB's house. Drove to Fly Creek - wonderful day for a drive - thank goodness for better gas mileage.

Heading to California for a vacation - will put lots of pictures up and Georgie and Vera will once again be blogged about. In case you are wondering who they are - well you'll just have to wait and see who they are. They have both traveled quite extensively - Vera a bit more than Georgie - but they have stories!

Camping trip is planned too! And time up at camp on the Creek - woo hooo! I'm ready for summer! Cookouts, clams, fish, burgers, beer! Awesome stuff and always comes with good company.
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