Monday, September 17, 2012

Windmills in the North Country

Actually - I'm not sure if it is truly the north country - but it's up near Newport, Middleville, etc. These windmills are all over the place and I'm of two minds about them now after this weekend. They are beautiful in a strange way, I've always been fascinated by them and wondered why people didn't like them. Well after being at R&L's this past weekend I better understand. They make a low whoosh whoosh sound that seems to go through your body. The camp is probably a mile or so as the crow flies from any of the windmills but I could still hear them, it was similar to a huge waterfall. I am not sure if I've ever mentioned it here but my mom swears I could hear a "mouse fart in a thunderstorm" and I could hear these. At one point when RB and I were far from the camp on the four wheelers - we shut them down, walked up a hill to a small clearing and I could see the blades spinning through the trees and hear the thrumming whoosh whoosh - I think if I had to live to close to them I would go mad.
They look deceptively small in the surrounding country.

This is as close as we could get without trespassing.
Some information about the windmills -
320 feet tall, about the same height as Big Ben in London or the same length as the football field at Giants Stadium. The blades are 131 feet long, and although they seem to be rotating at a lazy Sunday afternoon clip, they are so large that their tips are actually racing around at 138 miles per hour.
This amazes me - but if I were to do the math it would work out. I hope that in the end that they are worth it. 
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