Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012

So this year ended with a huge bump. Bad News. Something no one ever wants to hear. My mom has been fighting cancer off and on for 11 years. Lung cancer, throat cancer, a different lung cancer, a cancer found behind her breast bone, and then one that was found in some of her lymph nodes. And now it's in her left hip bone. That was the news on Friday. It's horridly painful for her and she's in the hospital right now, they are trying to get the pain under control so that she can continue living. A bone scan today will help the radiation therapists figure out what spot to hit. From what I understand the radiation will help with the pain, which is really good because the oxycontin and fentynal make my mom loopy and she can't go on like that. She falls asleep while in a conversation, when eating, when just trying to read. It makes me cry just thinking about it. Her life is finally getting on track, she is so in love with and loved by George and this is so very hard for both of them. I was joking with her on Christmas that she and George are attached at the hip and she admitted that it's hard to be away from him - so this hospital visit is not good for either of them emotionally either - on top of all of the other stuff happening.

Here's to praying that 2013 is better. That the radiation helps with the pain. Mom and George need time to spend together - to stuff a lot of love and adventures into a small period of time.

And I pray that 2013 is better for everyone! Even if your 2012 was awesome - it can always get better right?

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