Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

There is so much sadness and anxiousness this year, but I feel that we Americans have really shown our best side. The Newtown Connecticut tragedy is one of those horrible tragedies that will forever be part of our history but the amount of love, support and goodwill that has come from this has been wonderful. Americans are a wonderful group of people - we love each other, stand up for each other and always show our best side.

I guess what I'm getting to is that this Christmas should be celebrated by all with their families, friends, close ones like it's your last Christmas ever. Give of yourself, love your neighbors. Ann Curry started a wonderful thing with the 26 acts of kindness - even if you only do a couple - it's the spirit behind it. I haven't done anything yet - trying to come up with some ideas.

Merry Christmas and a blessed, peaceful, loving New Year to you all.
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