Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas season

Merry Christmas to you all!

I've been shopping, shopping, shopping for weeks - and no not that much for gifts. My mom has been sick so I did all of her shopping yesterday and a little today, then RB and Grace and I drove down there to deliver it all. Grace is the newest member of the RB family - and she is such a sweet little girl! Second Generation puggle!

She is a sweet little girl, very smart and has RB and I wrapped around her paws!

The queen of all she surveys. Such a sweet little thing!
RB has had her since the first week or so of November - she was about 7 and 1/2 weeks, flea infested, stinky and wormy. We got her cleaned up - Dawn does wonders for getting rid of fleas. She has grown quite a bit, learned to let us know when she wants out (for the most part). She's awesome in the car - she goes to sleep within minutes - except today! She had to go to the bathroom and we didn't know exactly what the issue was - then she farted! LOL - she stinks for such a little thing but we pulled over and we got everything all settled and got back on the road and she passed out. She got to meet Mom and George's dog - Bruno - he's huge! He wasn't in the least interested in her, but she found his tail amazing!  She goes with RB everywhere - knows lots of dogs and she is getting very well socialized. Can't wait to go camping with her and see if she will go kayaking with me! How fun!

I have my tree up! First time it's been close to the ground - but found that the cats think it's a party to sleep under it when it's on the table and help me redecorate it.

I put it on a milk crate with a beautiful red and green table cloth. The present that M, R and I sent to RB, Me, Grace, Einstein and Henry is in front! Can't wait to open it! 

Took some cool pictures of the fall leaves in Cooperstown and Utica.

Otsego Lake in full bloom.

City of Utica from the Val Bialis Ski hill. 
That's just a quick trip on the roller coaster I've been on lately! :) all over the place - new puppy - lots of pictures and loving life!

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