Sunday, May 18, 2014

Canal Trail from Little Falls!

Bike Ready - Check!, Canal is out there (kinda high) - Check!, My legs are ready - Check!
Water Falls - that don't normally exist off the trail - we've had a lot of rain!
We don't usually have to go through running water on the trail.
Used to be able to walk through where that water is coming from - it used to be a small trail.
Made it to Mindenville - but realized the old trail was no longer there - at least the part that went across the stream that must have become a river. This happened last I'll have to go again soon and investigate the rest of the changes.
The clouds are coming, the rain was coming and the headwinds were brutal. But...It took me about 10 minutes of riding to get back to the blue skies and sunshine.
See! Blue skies and only 2 miles left...
Same view but now you can see the trail! Gorgeous day. Glad I went. 19 miles down! Yeah!
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