Sunday, May 11, 2014

Canal Trail - I'm starting over...

A few years ago I used to ride the Erie Canal Trail all the time and post pictures of it. Well I fell out of the habit in a hard way and with the new bike I'm at it again. Thursday night I rode (with my friend LM) 9.82 miles on the trail from Whitesboro/Marcy to Utica and back. The bugs were amazing! LOL - hair, ears, eyes - they got in everywhere! This morning I decided to head out again but I started in Utica - the trail ends there heading east until you get to Herkimer area (there may be a few little bits and pieces open). And actually Little Falls is where it really opens up all the way to Albany. So I went to Utica, hopped on my new bike and headed west. I got to meet Bill Kardas, our local weatherman from WKTV and his dog Buddy at the beginning of the ride - then I went to business and pushed myself. There were times when 17MPH and 15MPH felt great and others when 9-10MPH was all I could do. The wind was pretty strong and changeable so it wasn't easy at times. But I rode all the way to Oriskany - took a short water break and rode back. It felt fantastic. that I'm "back in the saddle" I'll start posting from on the trail. Happy Mom's day!
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