Monday, April 20, 2015

NYC for the Day

Went to NYC with KS for the day. What a day it was - the weather was perfect down there! It got a little hotter than I expected, 86!
On the bus! Barely awake but ready for adventure!

Got dropped off at Bryant Park on 6th Ave. Blue skies!

Another view of the trees, NY Public Library (on the left) and high rises in the background.

Subway selfie under Penn Station

Just love this picture - the black and white seem suited to the old steel work that was done down in the subway tunnel.

Staten Island - looking back to NYC

Coast Guard riding along side the Staten Island Ferry. Kind of scary in some respects.

Lady Liberty

Freedom Tower in the background. I held my phone WAY over the side.

Skyline from the Ferry.

Two lovely British women we met on the Ferry. Liz and Val - very sweet and told us stuff about NYC we didn't know.

The view from our table top looking to the sky. This was Grimaldi's outside eating area.

The Best Pizza I've ever had! Fresh tomato sauce, fresh made mozzarella and basil leaves. Crunchy but not too much! So GOOD!

Bethesda Fountain at Central Park.

The Forsythia is in bloom at Central Park. The sun hit my camera in such a way that it's foggy looking.

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