Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thank you RB

I've had my Fitbit ONE for 2 years. RB saw the Flex last week and liked that it was a wrist Fitbit and not worn on a bra (that's my favorite place to wear mine). So he bought the Fitbit Charge for me (it's also worn on the wrist like a watch) it's very cool and I'm charging it up right now. Going to take a quick walk around the block to see how it does for me and RB get's my ONE. Now he can see how many steps he's taking every day.

I've been working out at Planet Fitness, trying to get in shape for the Tour de Cure that I'm going to ride in again. I'm signed up for the 40 miles again and I'm hoping to do better than ever. The Cybex Arc Trainer is my favorite cardio machine and it's really working on my thighs - almost feels like I'm biking, but I'm standing not sitting. I'm thinking if I keep doing the hilly versions on it and adding to my time, I'll get my legs in the best shape they've been in a long time. Plus I'm doing the weights which is making me feel like a million dollars.

So...off on a walk I go, the birds are so vocal this time of year. The trees are budding and flowers are popping up, even though it's been pretty cool. God is good!
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