Sunday, April 26, 2015

Walk for Autism

Yesterday was the walk for autism at SUNY Poly in Utica. What a great day and turnout! I brought Gracie with me, I was kind of curious to see how she would do with all the people and things going on. She was utterly fantastic. There were about 5 kids that swarmed over her and she just laid down and let them pet and pat her. Lots of petting and patting and Dave trying to hold her like he holds his Gizzy - LOL - she didn't care for that much, but her way of showing that was trying to jump down.

She cleaned up a lot of the fallen popcorn in the gym, so I'm sure that helped the janitorial staff! :) I hope that they raised a lot of money and that David will get to have even more chances to do stuff outside of his normal comfort zone. He's autistic, his parents were told he would probably have it bad, but they and all of their helpers have made such a difference in David. He walked with Gracie and I and just loved telling her to catch up with everyone, we need to beat them, and telling her not to get muddy, to stay on the sidewalk and when she pooped - LOL that just made him laugh. It was so awesome to have him walk with us and hear my nicknames for Gracie - they made him laugh too. "Crazy Gracie", "Dooo", "Chuckle Butt", "Silly Girl", "GDoggy", "Gracie Girl", "Love Bug", "Baby Girl" and who knows how many others. It's a wonder she knows what her name is.

Then after - we went back to RB's house and had lunch and then the plan was to come home, do laundry, chill. Well I thought of another plan which included washing and hanging RB's sheets and blankets on my clothes line, bringing Gracie to my house and raking. She and I were outside for over an hour raking and cleaning up. Then we came in and chilled, but every time the washer stopped I was up and running again. It wasn't until we went back to RB's house that she dropped from fatigue. Poor thing. She was beat!

She fell asleep between my feet, didn't even flinch when the flash went off. Poor Baby Girl.

She was trying to sleep at my house, but too many different noises and I kept getting up and changing laundry around. 

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