Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Differences - how the sun can look cold and hot

I have a bad habit of taking pictures while I am driving. It's almost as bad as texting...and I have to stop! But I go to work when the sun is rising...
I could only think of how cold this sun looked. I was driving to work and thinking that I was tired of having another inch of snow that had to be shoveled - but this was so pretty - this sun was gorgeous.

This was my drive home the night before... the sun just looked so warm and made me smile. With the snow so high in front of our windows it seems dark, I'm driving an hour to a clients tomorrow and hope that the sun will shine in the windows and help lift my mood!

This tree is outside my office and just so pretty this morning. The snow was really light and fluffy last night and had actually blown off quite a few trees already, but had stayed on this one.

I do love the four seasons, please don't think that I always gripe about it, but it's been
a long winter already. And that sounds funny - but we had snow in November and pretty much it's been here since. It's hard to be up all the time when you are shoveling almost every day and you can't walk because a lot of people here don't shovel and the road isn't the place to walk.

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