Monday, May 25, 2009

100 Miles of Nowhere!

Fatty - aka the Fat Cyclist, aka Elden started this and by golly he got a lot of takers. To raise money for cancer research - through the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Elden is constantly coming up with ways to raise money.

I immediately sent in my money for 100 Miles of Nowhere - Please read this and then read what people have been doing all over the world! I have only been on one ride this year - for a whopping 5.5 miles - I am not in shape for a big ride, I've been walking and making sure to work the hills too. I really had a very hard time figuring out what to do. Some people do their miles on rollers and never leave their homes, others did it in parks where there was a circular path ( a couple of guys in England did 90+ laps around a circle), another guy did it in his cul-de-sac. I finally decided that I had to break the 'rules' and actually go somewhere where I could go somewhere - not 'nowhere'.

First thing this morning (6:45) I put my rack on my car. Then as I was shivering I told myself I was nuts and went back inside. I did finally leave at 8:30 after a cup of coffee, reading the paper and making some peanut butter sandwiches to keep me going. I drove down to the Canalway Trail entrance on Genesee Street - near where the old Kittie's on the Canal was (can't remember the name of it now!). Anyway - I managed to ride all the way to Stanwix. 27.73 miles round trip. So while I didn't do 100 miles - I did something I have never done before. 27.73 miles AND I got to talk to the Canal guy in Marcy and watch 3 boats go through the locks AND I met Jim on the trail about 2 miles from Stanwix - he was an angel - he kept me moving, gave me great advice and made me feel good about what I had done so far.

Going into the lock at 404 feet above sea level. Marcy Lock is the highest point on the Erie Canal System.

The gate is shut when the boat goes into the lock, then the water fills in the lock with a gravitational pump system. The water level goes up from 404 feet to 420 feet above sea level in order to then open the upper gates.

Then the boat can let go of the ropes on the side that help it stay steady and move ahead when the gates are completely open. This whole thing only takes about 15 minutes - and that is with one of the pumps working with only 1/3 of it's power.

Almost done with my ride!!!!!!!!! My butt hurts! LOL!
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