Monday, May 4, 2009

My favorite app in the whole world!

That's my MacBook sitting in front of my iMac on my very messy desk. I have some things that I work on exclusively on my laptop - and so I like to put it on my desk in front like in the picture. Here is where I was going insane. I would try and use the mouse on the laptop to control the iMac - or worse yet I'd try and use the keyboard to control the iMac - can't do it! NOT! My co-worker was in here last week and said "There is an app for that!"

I was stunned, "No way!" - well Ladies and Gentlemen there is an app for that! Woo Hoo! It's called Teleport, it's so easy to use and free! Of course it's a Mac application so to all you Windows users - Get a Mac! (or two or three!).

I set up my laptop as the 'controller' and 'shared' my iMac - so I just use both computers from my laptop and have so much fun! Even while working! Can you believe it?!
Okay - too much coffee today. We got a Keurig and drinking coffee has become addicting!

Oh - you probably want to know how it works! Not the Keurig - the Teleport.

After installing, you set up one of your computers to share and the other to be the controller. In this case - my laptop, the smaller of the two is the controller and I just move my mouse out to the upper right corner and it goes into my iMac - the one I set up to be shared. I could feasibly do this to my coworkers computers and drive them insane when their mice start moving in other directions - LOL - but I would need a camera or something so I could control the mouse better. :)

Ok - so this post isn't about Utica - exactly. But I guess it is, because I am lucky enough to work at a company that allows me to play with new apps - learn new things and let me 'play' and have fun sometimes.
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