Friday, May 22, 2009

It's been awhile!

I've been thinking about what to write. The weather has been incredible, my yard looks better than it has in a long time because my mom is spending so much time out there planting, moving, and cleaning up. She found a couple of Jack in the Pulpit plants - now I had never seen one so I didn't get it at all. She told me that they are endangered and a protected plant and lady who used to own our house was very good about planting and gardening - so she must have put these guys in years ago. Mom says they are the oldest ones she has ever seen - they are quite large. Now I just read about them in the wiki and they look like they are dangerous too if handled incorrectly. LOL!

My cat has it all figured out...

He is out all night with his 'kitty friend' Sweetie from the next street over. She is very pretty and sweet - and has Mr. Sissy pants Einstein completely cowed. For a few days he wouldn't go out when she was on the porch, now he will and they do the whole nose to nose thing. Einstein has to tow the line or she swats him. I digress, he comes in after prowling all night and while I read the paper he curls up next to me but when I get up to go upstairs to get ready for work he goes to the bench in the dining room and curls up. This is his new favorite place.

Wildlife in the weirdest places...

I had to go to Rome to attend a wake on Wednesday. When I left there I headed to Walmart in Rome - I usually only go to the North Utica and New Hartford ones so I figured I would go somewhere new. I parked my car and there was Momma and Poppa goose and their babies...Poppa goose was very protective, thank goodness I didn't seem to ruffle his feathers but there were a couple of other geese that got a tad too close and he was not putting up with that at all...

This is how my spring has been so far - scattered... I have ADD - the adult variety - I start one thing and that leads to another and another and another and it never ends and I NEVER finish anything!

There are some great things coming up. July Fourth celebrations in Utica are in a new place. I won't actually be here - going camping on Seneca Lake! Woo Hooo!

I'll be posting more tomorrow as I'm going to try my hand at 100 Miles of Nowhere! Not sure that I'll be going too far but it should be fun! Plus I have the t-shirt!
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