Sunday, May 24, 2009

plants and flowers

My mom has been having a wonderful time buying annuals at our local grocery store and then I bought a bunch for her at another local store. But yesterday we were on a mission. At the place we used to live we had a bleeding heart bush, we looked at 3 different places yesterday before we finally made it to Greenscapes in Whitesboro. I was going to post a link to it, but they don't have their website up and running right now. Their phone number is 315) 736-8733. The reason I am posting it is that if there is ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING that you are looking for they probably have it! And the nice thing was that they were very friendly and helpful. We had gone to one place first thing and it left a bad taste in our mouths. When we asked the lady if they had bleeding hearts she said "no, we have fuschias" - as far as I know there is no link between the two and it made no sense. Plus we seemed to have interrupted her rant about coffee with her co-worker so she was short with us. But - it could have been an off day for her so I am not even mentioning the company name.

But we had a marvelous day - went from Utica to New Hartford, to the Mennonite store in Kirkland, to Route 26 into Rome (a new road for us), then to Wal-Mart in Rome (after a jig down George street to admire the old houses) and then when we had just about given up hope of finding the Bleeding Heart when we got off of the new 49 to get on the old 49 through Marcy and went up Mohawk street to Greenscapes. There were so many beautiful plants and trees, lots of young men there ready and willing to help even though they were all busy. I'll be posting pictures as we start getting things planted and set up. Our BIG project this year is to tear down our garage (it's sinking into the ground, leaking and just too big for our yard), we don't use it for cars (can't get to it with our fence). So, we are tearing it down one weekend in July and doing a major Clean Sweep of it and our basement and hopefully some time in late July our new shed will be installed - it's 8x12 (much smaller than the garage) and will look more like our house. And the biggest bonus is that mom will plant a veggie garden next year because she have space and sunlight.

I will post pictures of Jack in the Pulpit later today!
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