Sunday, December 27, 2009

Made it to Jeffersonville, OH

The trip has been a little slow going. Just outside the warners service area on the Thruway we hit serious black ice. My car is so full that it was just sliding all over the place. I pulled over and let some air out of my tires - they were a little overinflated because of all the highway miles we are driving - but they are back to the correct amount now. I called the Thruway Authority and told them where we were and asked them to sand. Two different State Troopers stopped to check on me during this time. I wasn't moving until I felt safe - it took about 15 minutes after the sanders went by for the black ice to disappear - I tried driving three times and couldn't do it. Finally on the fourth time we were good to go. That took an hour out of our schedule. We were definitely running late.

We are at a decent Quality Inn, the lady is incredibly nice and the room is clean.

I've lost my voice and am now doing a lot of charades to get my point across.

I'll write more soon as we continue on tomorrow...
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