Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WOoooOoOOoo HOoOOoooOooOOOo!

Christmas is coming and we are having a snow storm! I know I shouldn't be this excited, but as I sit here waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, I can hear the wind whipping the snow around. Driving today won't be pleasant, but it will be beautiful. The local paper 'jinxed' us at the end of November when they wrote a column about how Utica and the surrounding areas 'saved' a ton of money because there was no snow in November so no plowing or salting. Then on December 1, it snowed. There were many minor fender benders and people going off the road from that. People forget how to drive in the snow all the time!

Well today we are in a snow storm...Lots of local schools are closed, I'm watching the list scroll through on WKTV right now. Everyone from Utica to South and East are closed, VVS and Rome are on delays - I wouldn't be surprised if they don't close too.

Well - enjoy the snow. Be safe, dress warm and smile! It will make you feel better and others around you too!
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