Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Trip Home

Well - it took far longer than I wanted to get down here. That will happen when you travel with your mom who has seizures when she sees flashing/strobe lights. There are a lot of flashing lights on the roads between NY and Texas. So it almost became a game - I'd see some in the distance (could be radio towers with the strobe lights, plow trucks, police cars, tow trucks, wide load trucks) and put my arm up across my mom's eyes. Normally I would just say close your eyes, but then I lost my voice. We are a great pair.

And of course there was the black ice - in the first two hours of our trip on the NYS Thruway outside of the Warners Service area we hit black ice. I sat by the side of the road like a scared rabbit for almost an hour - too afraid to try it again. Two very nice State Troopers stopped and asked me if we were okay and told me to keep my flashers on (well, duh!) but their lights were torture for mom too, but she was able to handle it okay. Blanket over the head works wonders - with Ativan....

Then in Ohio, about half way between Columbus and Cincinnati, the snow started, it was dark and there were a ton of cars on the road. Mom started having difficulty with the snow and the lights - made her head spin - I went as far as I could and stopped in Jeffersonville to spend the night. It was a good thing, my poor mom's stomach rebelled and I had to run and get some pepto - Thank goodness for that pink stuff.

Monday was about 540 miles - and yesterday was 420. Matilda, my GPS, was awesome at keeping me aware of how many miles left.

We got to Rockwall at 3 - unloaded my poor car. I could almost hear her breath a sigh of relief. I know that I will be glad to have the view unobstructed - of course I say that now until tonight when the lights from drivers behind me are driving me nuts. We opened presents - I have some beautiful gifts - a table/counter top wine rack, a package of black frames that are begging for pictures, a red hand mixer to go with my red KitchenAid and a wicked soft blankie.

Well - I'm going to take a shower and get ready for the return to NY! Mom is staying in Texas, so this is a lone adventure. I'll be posting periodically from the road so that people know where I am in case anything happens.

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