Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring, summer, spring???

Well we have had a ridiculously nice winter. I only shoveled a few times and while the Snow blower did come out and work a couple of times, it wasn't a necessity. And then we had the storm on Feb 29, March 1 and last week it was in the 80's every day. Of course, being an upstate NY'r I do realize that if I wait long enough the weather will change and it has again. It was maybe mid 50's today - and it won't be going far from there but I'm okay with that. My forsythia has already bloomed - it's way too early for that. Everything is about 6 weeks ahead and the problem is that reality is supposed to strike next week with very cold over night temps that could possibly freeze some of the buds. I've been to two cook outs in the last couple of weeks and we've been swarmed by mosquitoes too! WoW! in March! Unheard of! My daffodils have bloomed already as well as the pretty blue flowers that go every year in my front and back yards, way too early - they will be dead in two days if the frost hits.

And the other issue that has hit early is that my car doesn't have AC - it died a few years ago and the fix is quite pricey and with the advent of 80 degree weather I realized it was too hot for me. So now I'm car shopping. UGH! I've got some self imposed rules. That is definitely not helping me at all. The Ford Fiesta is winning right now because of this and RB is wonderful because he is helping me to look at other options - and in fact we will be doing exactly that next week in Syracuse. One of my self imposed rules means I won't deal with the biggest Auto Group in the area. Only Steet-Ponte is worthwhile in my book for the Utica Area. So...we will go to Syracuse on Saturday and see what we can find.

The cars that have caught my eye so far....the list is long - but they are all in the low to mid 20K range - high MPG. Nissan Cube, Hyundai Accent, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, VW Gulf, VW Jetta, Honda Civic Coupe, and I'm sure that there are others - but have to admit that the Ford is in the lead at this point - I test drove the Fiesta today - not a fan of the 6 speed steptronic transmission but stick shift is a definite option. It felt good and familiar - I've been driving a Focus for 9 years. So...we will see but I want a new vehicle sooner rather than later.

Just saw the ending seconds of the SU v Ohio game - ugh - they lost. Too bad, they played well.
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