Monday, March 26, 2012

Stress and Surprise!

We are in crunch time at the office. Lots of work and it has to be done by Friday. And we have a lot to go. The good thing about it is that the day flies and I really love what I'm doing and it's awesome. I also had to fix some things for people and do some queries of our system and get reports out. I love every bit of it but I think that today was a little stressful - just for some background - last week was in the 80's - today it was in the 30's and very windy. And because of the wind and the pollen I didn't walk at lunch and that is my stress breaker. So on my way home - I have to admit that I just wanted to cry - (a crabby co-worker didn't help) it's all good - it happens - but after the rest of the day and no exercise I was at my wits end...

That all being said - I got home - after a quick stop to pick up a laptop - (that in itself is funny) I'm surrounded by laptops - 5 of them right now - 4 dells and my mac!  And when I got home I was on the phone with my mom, bouncing around - freezing - and came into the living room to turn on the heat and turned around to find a red rose, a pink rose and a yellow rose in a blue vase and a card underneath them. My RB had stopped by and left them, as he told me later, running in and out so fast that he didn't notice that it was freezing in here LOL! He didn't want to get caught in the act!

So I'm smiling now - loving my roses and card and feeling blessed. I'm incredibly thankful that my life is so full and wonderful, God is good.
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