Saturday, May 2, 2015

Perfect Day

It's been an absolutely beautiful, perfect, wonderful day. RB let me sleep in late (8:30!!!). Gracie was waiting so very patiently for me to take her for a walk, she was so excited when I finally got downstairs that it just made me crack up. A dog is the best thing in the world for your heart and soul. She loves RB and I so much and she is such a good dog. So - she and I went for a very nice walk this morning. When we got back to RB's house we jumped in my car and headed to my house. I had some raking I wanted to do (my back yard was neglected last fall) and I did some extra cleaning up. I talked to my neighbor Toni and had a running conversation with Gracie. LOL - the things that dog could tell...

About 12:30 we hopped back in the car and drove back to RB's and I went for a BIKE RIDE!!!

I had planned to take a 2 mile ride,  just to get my butt in shape. It was so gorgeous outside that I ended up going 13.2 miles! My working out at Planet Fitness is really helping - I'm in the best shape I've been in for a long time!

Canal Trail between Whitesboro and Utica. Everything is just starting to bloom.

The famous Utica sign, it lights up at night and it's quite the beacon.

Stunning blue skies and gorgeous.

I was a tad white in this picture, but I do have some color after this ride.

The sweet ride from RB for my birthday last year. What an awesome bike!

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