Saturday, April 17, 2010

Utica Police

I did it again! And so far I'm the only one who has gone for a second ride-a-long so far. It's a great learning experience and an eye opener.

Here is a 'briefing' of our evening - no I won't print out names - but in some cases I wish I could. Wow some people are whacked! And Patrolman Dare was again, very respectful, calm and courteous to people who would probably be happy to thump on him, swear at him and goodness knows what else. People have really got to learn to shut up and listen with respect to what an officer is telling you.

A rundown...

Don't park in the firelane. Seriously. Don't. The fire department can't get to a fire in a store, apartment, whatever if you park your car in a fire lane for 'a couple of minutes'. I've seen a picture where someone did that and the firemen popped out the driver and passenger side windows and ran the hose through the car. Too Bad. And if you are young - early 20's - and in a hurry to get something from a store - that's not an excuse either - and giving the police office lip? Seriously. You are lucky it's only a $20.00 ticket. Get some exercise - park in a regular parking place and walk. It was maybe 20ft to the nearest spot.

If you see 4 huge firetrucks - with firemen in full gear, hoses out - don't try to drive through and around them with 4 police cars blocking traffic and telling you no. Honestly I am amazed at how many people wanted to just barge through like they didn't see all the apparatus out. And there was a fire - at a bank and people wanted to go into the bank even with all that going on. Seriously???

I'm a little cynical after last night - sorry, it's going to show a little in this post. But remember this, Patrolman Dare and his fellow officers were nothing but professional, respectful, alert and helpful to these people who showed no regard for rules, signs, information from the officers or anything.

Then there was the noise complaint. An neighbor called in about very loud music. We got out of the car, about 25 feet from the front door and could hear it. At that point music isn't music when it's so loud that it's distorted. Patrolman Dare banged on the door, hit the door bell - and of course, you guessed it, the music was so loud that they person inside couldn't hear it. The complainant came out and gave us a little more information and the person who was playing the loud music finally shut it off. So we were able to get his attention. He was in a wheelchair - the house reeked! Cigarettes - it was awful the stink pouring out. Patrolman Dare went into the dwelling and spoke to the man, who was sitting in his wheelchair with a t shirt and shoes and socks on - that's it. No Pants! Need I say more? The loud music guy did tell me that I could come in - but I could tell from the quick look that I had that it probably would be best for us all if I just stayed outside. LOL.  He did get an appearance ticket as it had been the second time in a few weeks. He was calm and knew why the police were there, his companion on the other hand was a twit, he wanted to complain about all of their neighbors and the noise from them. It was silent in all the apartments but for our conversation.

Then there was the drunk. The call went out as a person refusing to leave. She did refuse and was quite drunk - the alcohol was just rolling off her in waves. Very pathetic. If you think that alcohol enhances your personality, looks, whatever - stop thinking that. This lady was 29 years old and we both thought she was in her 40's. Alcohol is not a preservative. And it makes you repeat things over and over and say vulgarities profusely, cry one second and rail against everything another.  It's very unattractive on so many levels. I really hope that she gets her life straightened out - she has children and they deserve a mom.

There were lots of vehicle infractions last night too. If a police officer is nice to the driver about not having their drivers license and gives you (the passenger) the opportunity to drive the car and only a small ticket to original driver, don't bad mouth the police officer. He's cutting some slack as it is and you give him attitude. Seriously? You have nothing to worry about, your DL is clean and you have to be a jerk. Lucky he didn't arrest the driver and hand a ticket to you.

Do you see why I am cynical today? It takes nothing to be respectful and calm and peaceful. The rewards are high too! I know that if someone is smiling and friendly to me I am much more likely to do the same back and be in a much better mood. If you go into something with a rotten attitude - guess what? that is what you will get back.

Once again, Patrolman Dare and the other officers that I had the opportunity to talk to last night, showed their professionalism in the face of all kinds of crap. I do love Utica - but it does need a lesson in being kind to others sometimes.

Support your police by being a good citizen and looking out for others!
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