Saturday, April 3, 2010


I went to my favorite place today....the place where I am always treated like a dear friend and come out looking like I've been pampered and primped! Arthur Nole Systems in Hair - Art and Donna Nole - they are the absolute best! Hands down! Art rescued me about 3 years ago from the absolute worst hair cut I've ever had. The woman who cut it razored it and I had clumps missing in places, it was awful and I felt awful. Of course Art had to cut a lot of it to get it cleaned up - but what a difference! I've been going to him since - and now with my longer hair there is more time between cuts, but I still feel like I'm welcomed as if I was there yesterday. Donna does my color. Back in 2008 (we just discussed this it's not that I actually remember) I wanted dark hair and that is what I got. I was tired of fighting my ever darkening roots, fighting the fact that I was born blond but my hair was turning dark (and GASP! gray) on me! So I went dark. Well that lasted all of a year because my mom told me that she really wanted me to go blond again...LOL I decided to get highlights - nice bright blond ones. My hair is significantly longer than it has been in years - so I figured between that and the wavy curls I'd go for the blond streaks and we'd see. It turned out really great!
Now - I'm bad about keeping up with my hair color. So - I used store bought color to keep my roots in check for the last 9 months - alas - I just couldn't do it anymore. Plus who doesn't want to go to a place where you are treated so well! So after Einstein has his doctors appointment (he has a clean bill of health!) - I went and got pampered. And I went seriously blond - no streaks here - just flat out blond. And the sun has been so strong that I already have color and it just fits!
Art and Donna, you are the best! If you want to be pampered and treated well - go to Arthur Nole Systems in Hair - it's at 1926 Genesee Street in Utica.
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