Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy days

Things are really changing right now in my life. I don't talk about private stuff too much and I won't here either. But that being said - I am very happy. RB and I have been seeing each other for almost 4 weeks now - it's a wonderful fit in so many ways.

The Murder Mystery is on! Tomorrow night and Saturday night! Get your tickets! It will be a lot of fun! Great food, beverages and lots of laughs...

I start a second job on Monday - I'm a bit nervous - but with the way things are with taxes going up and everything else - I figured it would be a good thing.

And - a friend of mine just gave me 3 bags of clothes with more coming! woo hoo! I love 'hand-me-downs', what better way to save money! Looking forward to trying them on and having a little fashion show!

The trees are really popping leaves like crazy - it's wonderful to see.
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