Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little Falls - 40.46 miles

Okay - I'm officially exhausted. I've only hit a headwind once before and it was brutal - 20 miles of headwind on the return trip is too much. Plus trail mix just doesn't cut it when my body is screaming "I'm hungry!" Thank goodness I had Easter dinner waiting for me! And I was late! But I did call. Never expected that I would be fighting as hard as I was to get home. The 20 miles to Canajoharie was a piece of cake - seriously. I was averaging 12.5 mph - and I just didn't even think of the tailwind. LOL - that was my mistake. Every time I got to a place I'd look at my odometer and say - "I can make it to the next spot" LOL - I need my head examined. Canajoharie is a big deal for me - it took me months of riding to get there last getting that far on my second ride of the season was awesome to me!
Not sure when my next ride will happen. The Murder Mystery is getting here and we need to practice!
I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! God is good!
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