Friday, September 10, 2010

Date Night

My girlfriend and her husband are instituting date night - they have a sitter for their son 2 nights a month - a Friday and a Saturday. Tonight is their date night but RB and I are broke so we can't join them this time. I'm not really broke it's just that I have an insurance payment, property taxes and all that fun stuff to take care of.

But who says date night has to be a going out adventure? RB and I are going to make dinner together - well he's probably doing more of it than I am as he gets out of work earlier - but we'll cook it together. I have the National Treasure movies, so I'm thinking we'll have dinner watch a movie (or two), maybe play chess too!

The Remsen Barn Festival is taking place on the 25th and 26th of September, so I hope that my work schedule is conducive to heading up there on that Sunday. I actually started to write that it was next weekend, but thankfully I'm incorrect about that as I already know I have to work on Saturday.

Fall seems to have hit hard all at once. The temperatures have cooled right down, it's been rainy and misty. Saturday looks to be a beautiful sunny day - I hope that people take advantage of it and get outside. All of our (upstate New Yorkers) complaining about the cold and snow and length of winter should make us get outside and soak up all of the sun when it's out there.
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