Thursday, September 9, 2010

New wipers

It's a good thing that I finally bought new wipers - it rained last night and it looks like today will be rainy off and on. Not complaining because we really needed it. My old wipers were so bad that I couldn't see out the window - this morning - it was like the lights came on in the car when I turned those bad boys on! There was light! and it was streak and bug gut free!

It will be a busy day today - that's not a bad thing in any way. I enjoy having lots to do, keeps me from getting bored and wanting to sleep. Brought cupcakes in - already had comments about them - as in "ugh" from the one guy who always goes in for the kill and wants to eat sweets. His only will power with them is if they aren't here. So he always gets 'mad' at me for bringing them in - but enjoys them anyway! :)

Enjoy your day!
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