Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To RB - a story

There once was this girl who thought that she would never meet the "right man" and have someone to love and who loved her back. She prayed about it a lot. Dated some nice guys, dated some not so nice guys and finally got to the point where she just didn't date. Her mom was not in the best of health and she helped her mom with stuff around the house and when she was in the hospital she would be there for her mom. But one day her mom moved a long ways away and the girl lived alone for the first time ever.

It wasn't easy at first because the girl didn't know what to do with the freedom! Not having to worry about where her mom may be and what may happen and all of that scary stuff. It took a few months but finally the girl felt like she was coming into her own.

And then one day she received an email from a guy on a website - a nice email, from an intelligent sounding man, and she replied and he replied back and this went on for about a week when they decided to meet. The girl went with little hope that they guy was as nice as he seemed in the email. Seriously how could he be? - he seemed smart, kind, and way too nice.

Well the guy and the girl met for the first time at a coffee house - the girl felt safe there - she knew the owner and knew ways to get out of the building and be gone before the guy would even have a clue. But within a few minutes the girl realized that this guy was as genuine as he seemed in his emails. He had a manly face, an open engaging smile, his eyes crinkled and he laughed with joy when speaking to the girl. The first date lasted a few hours and the guy and the girl exchanged email addresses and phone numbers at the end and had a quick hug. The girl went home hoping that what had just happened was for real.

Well five months plus later - the girl is still surprised by the guy on a regular basis. He is as genuine and giving and loving and nice and caring as she thought and even more so he's funny, adventurous and just a wonderful man. The girl is thinking that God does answer prayers - better than anyone could ever know....

Thanks RB for emailing me that day....it was a good, good day!
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