Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Advice

I was reading the Pioneer Woman today and am going to take her advice to heart if at all possible. So basically it is to make sure that if you are a blogger to keep blogging and give your readers something to read.

She writes about everything! Embarrassing stuff, funny stuff, heart wrenching stuff, everything!

I don't think that I want to share any embarrassing stuff. At least not right now!

My day was a little strange - didn't feel so hot all day - lots of stress, but we all have that right! So after work - in my very nice clothes - better dressed today than usual I went to the auto parts store and bought new wipers for my car. It's bad when your wipers leave a worse mess than what you are trying to wipe off! I seriously thought I just put the last blades on a year ago, it was 26 months ago - no wonder they were falling apart!  My car is now happier and the windshield has been de-bugged.

On Monday RB and I went to Heids of Liverpool. RB saw "Man vs. Food" and realized that Heids wasn't that far away. So we had lunch there - it was good but honestly I won't drive an hour for it again. Sorry Heids! It's cool that it was on a national show - but I really like Zweigles so much better! Thanks to RB - of course you can only get them in Rochester area Wegmans!

Last night RB and I decided to go to the laundromat and wash our blankets. Well RB always has great ideas and we had Twisted Tea, cheese and crackers, played chess and have nice clean blankies now! I've never enjoyed a visit to the laundromat so much in my life and believe me, I have been to very many of them over the years.

Well - I have to go get the cupcakes out of the pan, frost them and bring them to work tomorrow!
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