Saturday, September 4, 2010


It is a week later than I said I would do this, but things have been so hectic! I started on this last week and the phone rang and then I realized I was going to be late for work if I didn't get a move on....LOL
So - a few week's ago RB's friend (and now my friend) LM told me she would go with me kayaking. I did it quite a few years ago and loved it and have been dying to do it again. So we drove up to Old Forge - Mountain Man Sports - RB had been there and thought it would be a good place to go.

We rented two kayaks - with the big opening (which was a really good thing because it was hot in the sun and we got more air that way). And we got loaded into a van - with our kayaks on the back trailer rack and brought up to North street
At the top right hand corner of the map you can see where there is a bridge over the river - we got dropped off there and proceeded to snake our way all through the River all the way back to Mountain Man Sports. One problem - well we knew it but still it didn't stop our optimism - it was 5 miles! It took us about 4.5 hours and we got stuck on logs and sand bars a few times - too funny. Had to get out and stretch our legs. Oh and we brought nothing with us - no water, no sunscreen, no food, nothing! Unprepared to say the least - but it was so much fun! I did get a heck of a sunburn on my shoulders and arms as well as the insides of my legs. The kayak protected the outer sides but from the center of my shins in I was burnt. I look funny still! At one point too - you have to get out and carry your kayaks for .2 of a mile - most of us would swear it is a mile by the time we are done. LM and I carried the two kayaks together because unless you put it over your head or drag it's not getting carried alone. There were mud pits, roots galore, hills, bridges, more mud, rocks and more roots. But we made it!

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This map will allow you to look at the whole length of the river that we followed.
We were probably an hour into this and needed to take a break. This is LM's kayak as my sandals were strapped to the back. It was very sandy and really nice all along the river. 
This was pretty much the widest place on the river - and absolutely gorgeous. It was a spectacular day!
When we had to carry our kayaks - I forgot the other thing we had to do - was carry it over this bridge! It was a little dilapidated, but we did it!
Here's me - still thinking that I'm strong enough to carry the world! LOL - this was about halfway down the trail!
I took this picture from the foot of the bridge - it was so beautiful with the sun streaming through.
It was a fantastic day and if you ever want to try kayaking I suggest you go to Mountain Man Sports - they were nice, professional and it was something like $78.00 for the two of us all day.
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