Thursday, May 14, 2015

A New Canal Adventure...

I brought Gracie to the Canal in Marcy this afternoon for a nice long walk. We met Ann and Bill, a very nice couple from Seattle. They are riding the Canal trail from Buffalo to Albany. They set up camp in Marcy and after my walk with Gracie we went to visit and talk about their experience so far and I told them about the trail coming up. They were fantastic people. They have my phone number, so if they need anything I'll be able to help them out.

It was beautiful - not hot, not cold, it was JUST right!

Gracie got a bath when we got home because the ticks were horrid.  But it's still worth the walk!

Gracie - loving the whole trail!

Looking East towards Marcy.

Looking West on the trail - towards Oriskany.

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