Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Yard...part I

Christy and Terry came over yesterday to help me get my yard in shape. I've been feeling under the weather, and while I have managed to get a lot of raking done, there was a lot of other stuff that I haven't done and honestly I wouldn't have done, because I didn't know how. They came over with all their tools, beer and tequila. They know how to make gardening fun! The Wegelia in the front always needs pruning, but I've never done it like they did and frankly it's gorgeous and I had six bags of black mulch to really put a spin on it. They also clipped off a lot of the dead stuff and low hanging and oddly placed branches of the Purple Smoke Tree. I did work, I promise! I raked and carried mulch bags and filled up the bins of all the brush and stuff. We did work in the back as well, removing lots of old trees, bushes, weeds, moving the furniture out so it can be used and just plain enjoying ourselves.
The Wegelia after the pruning and mulching. The duck and umbrella were too cute not to put out there.
From the other side. Still have privacy while on the porch, but Wegelia will be so much happier and healthier.
These spinners are going crazy here. Christy took some of my purple irises. They needed to be thinned out!
The duck is too cute!
The purple smoke that has come out of nowhere. I think my mom had something to do with it.
This is the very happy Purple Smoke Tree after it's cleanup!
The purple smoke before we got it cleaned up.
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