Thursday, May 14, 2015

Temperature swings....

Last week and this past weekend were hot (80's and 90's) and dry until Saturday and Sunday - which was then hot and humid with some rain. Then....the temp started to drop. And I do mean drop. I don't think it got warmer than 55 yesterday with the morning low of 39 and today, well today we have a frost and freeze warning! But it will warm up to close to 70 tonight but tomorrow morning is another frosty morning.

So, which one do I prefer? the cool weather. Hands down. So does Gracie! We went for two walks last night and she is so much more comfortable. When it was super hot she would just pant like crazy. I bring water for her, but it's not enough.

This coming week has highs and lows too. I know this post is about weather, but it's important to understand that upstate NY has amazing weather swings and sometimes they are just hours apart.

Have a wonderful day!
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