Saturday, June 27, 2009

Before... and After...

This is my garage. It doesn't match my house at all. My house was sided by my brother in a beautiful sage green a few years ago. Well - with the way things have been the last few years we never painted or did anything with the garage so it's really just been an eyesore. Plus the roof leaked and it was dark and dank inside. The garage is 20x20 feet and my back yard is maybe 40x30 so we didn't have a lot of space.

This is in the middle of after! This is a friend of my brother's who could make this machine do anything. They had the garage down in 5 minutes. Wooo Hooo! and then they brought in some dirt so that it could be flattened out. They also took out all of the asphalt - we now have a beautiful BIG lawn (well, big for a small lot).

This is the final after. We're going to plant grass in quite a bit of it. Then in the back there is going to be a garden. My mom's friend actually told her some veggies that we can plant now even though it's later in the season. We have a lot more work to do, but my brother and his friends really did a fantastic job on this. Thanks Dannie!
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