Saturday, June 6, 2009

Historic Herkimer Church

Beautiful day for a ride.

Well - it was beautiful, but the canal trail that I was on - ended abruptly here. And with that I had to ride on Route 5 S. I don't mind riding on highways, but I really need to get a GPS to better give me an indication as to where things are. I stayed on 5S till I saw a sign for Lock 18 in Jacksonburg and decided to ride down there to see if I could find the Canal trail again. No such luck, but I did get to talk to some very nice people traveling from Michigan to Florida using the canal system and lakes.

Anyway - 5S is hilly. Very Hilly. And I made it about .60 miles past the 167 turnoff when I realized that even if I did make it to the top of the blessed hill, I wasn't sure how far I would go from there to cross over to Route 5 and come back on (relatively) flat road. And I had one other problem. I was enjoying a very nice tailwind, as soon as I started heading back (west) I would be fighting the whole way. So at .60 miles east (uphill) from 167 I decided to turn around.

I usually can hit about 30mph going down hills that steep - not so yesterday - I was able to go about 20mph and had to use my brakes at times because the wind was so fierce and not only pushing in my face but would come at me from the south and make me feel like I was going to keel over. It was a long ride back.

My next ride heading east is going to involve a lot of research. It helps me tremendously to know distances between roads and landmarks. I put together a bike playlist of music to keep me rolling - it was pretty good. My favorite is the new album from DMB - Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King. There are some good peddling ones on there. The only thing I have to remember is to not sing while riding as BUGS are everywhere.

If anyone out there knows more about the Canal Trail System it would be awesome to hear about it. The NYS website on the Canal system seems to be out of date.
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