Saturday, June 13, 2009

Woo Hooo!

It was a banner day! I had thought that I could get up really early (6:30) and be biking by 7 - yeah that wasn't going to happen. But at 9:00 I was on the trail in Utica. I had changed my saddle (again) but got it right finally! I rode faster than I have all year and it was consistent.

I met some great people on the trail that told me about this fantastic book for the Erie Trail! It's the "Cycling the Erie Canal - A Guide to 400 Miles of Adventure and History along the Erie Canalway Trail" - It's small, it's spiral bound and it's got everything in it. Including the 'missed' turn from last weeks ride. At Old Fort Herkimer Historic church you end up on the road, but then instead of trying to conquer the "hill from hell" after Rt. 167 - you take 167 into Little Falls - and back on the trail. There are Things to see and do for each section, Travel & Trail Notes, Visitor Information, the trails are all marked according to paved, stone dust, natural, on-Road and Safety hazards (like crossing 5 lanes of traffic in Syracuse!).

They should mention in the book the chipmunks, turtles, swans and cygnets, geese and goslings, robins, gold finches, hawks, snakes (yipes), gophers, deer, and so much more! And that is just what I saw today. This was a perfect ride day and I can't wait to go on my next ride using my new awesome map!

***Update - I've now gone 105 miles this year! I only went 232 all last year, so I'm on a roll (pun intended)!
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