Sunday, June 14, 2009

My front porch

Right now I am sitting in the green chair that you can see in the lower right corner. It's my favorite place to sit. We have pillows in the Rubbermaid storage thing and I pile the pillows up so I can sit up straight and just relax. I can hear the robins, squirrels (I'm guessing that Einstein is too close to one and the squirrel is just squawking up a storm). I can hear other birds tweeting, chirping, twittering, singing, whistling. There are dogs barking, mowers mowing, chain saw somewhere, raking noises, the leaves are rustling with the breeze and the bees buzzing in the flowers. My front porch smells heavenly with the wygalia, other flowers and fresh cut grass.

This is my view as I sit here typing away.

And this is the plant that is growing on the trellis at the one end of our porch, it's called Dutchman's Pipe. Do you see the 'pipe' and why it is called that? It's in the center and it has a brown ring around the 'bowl' of the pipe - like it had been lit at one point.

It's gotten really quiet now...Makes me want to close my eyes and veg for awhile. Oh that's right! I can - Woo Hooo!

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy it for all it's worth
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