Monday, November 7, 2011


Well - not working has an upside - all those things that need to get done around the house can finally get done - with some elbow grease and good direction (thanks RB). I removed 90% of the rust on the rocker panels of my car. I asked the guy who fixed my car if he would do it - the answer was an emphatic NO! LOL - he had the paint out and everything - but I guess rust wasn't his thing. Anyway - I used naval jelly, a scraper, a hard plastic scrubby pad and sandpaper to get all that stuff off. Then mineral spirits to clean the area to be painted and finally I did a primer coat. Needless to say - cheap primer - Rustoleum - doesn't stop rust from coming through. RB came by the next day and worked the rusty area a bit more and put 'real' primer on. It's looking tons better. I'm hoping to sand the areas again and paint and clear coat it soon. Can't use my car for a couple of days once I do that.

The other thing that I'm in the process of working on right now is my front steps - my beautiful red steps take a beating in the wet and snow and were in sorry shape. Part of the problem was that they were wet because of the ice mats I keep on them - so those are now gone. I used a heat gun to dry out the wood and help me loosen up all the spots I could of paint. Used a metal brush and wiped them down good - and put a new coat of primer down. It's kinds of chilly out - but hopefully they will dry okay and I'll be able to put the red coat on tomorrow. It's only going to work for a year or so - I really need new stairs - and a gutter above them to stop the rain from falling on them so hard.

So...God has reasons for everything. I'm working my tail off and not causing any problems, I just really want to go back to work soon.

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends for their help, love and support.

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