Wednesday, November 16, 2011

random thoughts

Every morning when I get up - I have to go look at the calendar or my phone to see what day it is and what the date is. I've only been out of work for 2.5 weeks and yet I'm losing my days - it doesn't help that I don't have a regular schedule, but I'm trying.

I've learned that writing lists means that I get a lot more accomplished during the day. And friends help a lot with their encouraging phone calls and emails. Very nice to have such great people in my life.

Excited about Saturday - going to NYC with a bus load of people - RB and I are going to explore China Town, Little Italy, SoHo and the World Trade Center. We walked 9.5 miles last year - so thinking we should hit that this year. :)

I've started walking a lot - it helps make me physically tired so that I can go to sleep at a regular time and get up fairly early. I don't want to get lazy - my thought process is that when (not if damn it) but when I get a job I don't want to have to relearn the early to bed, early to rise that I've been doing for years.

Got my first rejection - I don't know Visual Studio. I'm a Jill of all Trades - I know a little about a lot of things - and actually I know a lot about a lot of things - but it isn't matching anyone right now. We'll see how it goes. Meeting with an old friend tomorrow and someone else in his company and who knows...but it will be a very nice change from filling out applications and sending my resume to a million people and not getting anything but canned responses. Or job offers to be a salesperson for some insurance I've never heard of - or sell a pyramid scheme - those are so much fun to vet through.

Have to do some cleaning up....and more thinking!

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