Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving - it's not just a day

Last week was kind of a blur.

RB has been sick - pneumonia - and we went to NYC thinking he just had a bad cold. We walked 7-8 miles - it was beautiful - warmer than anyone would have thought for November. We took a cab to Chinatown and hit the 'tourist' Chinatown first - that was interesting - people with pictures of Gucci bags in their palms trying to get us to buy. It was funny at first, but you get inundated. RB and I kept walking - looking for the 'real' Chinatown. We did find it - and went into a 'mall' and walked around - (me hoping to find a restroom). We stuck out like sore thumbs! So much so that this lady came up behind us and asked if she could help - she said she was worried about us! It was funny - but I did tell her that this 'mall' reminded me of Taipei and she said we were brave - and with my blond hair we could be spotted a mile away. She was helpful and suggested we get out of the 'real' Chinatown just for safety sake - and neither of us could argue. Some of the smells were starting to get to us both. We passed by store after store with fresh fish outside and other things that I couldn't even begin to name and I even saw bean paste buns - but didn't want 6 of them! We found our way out and hailed a cab to take us to Ground Zero. We were going to go in, but to buy the tickets you had to walk another 4 blocks and go back and then we ran into the OWS people. Lovely. I had no interest in being lumped in with them. I believe in personal responsibility - not letting the government take care of me. So we continued to walk into Little Italy - We did find the "Irish American Pub" and had some beer (of course) and met Lanetta, who was of course, from Ireland. We had wonderful Irish Nachos and we were able to unwind a bit. Then we continued walking toward uptown and finally took a cab up to Bryant Park. We walked around more of that area - and then Times Square but it was freakin crowded - we did go into a couple of stores, but didn't find anything to our liking. We did try to get into the Pig Whistle Pub but it was so crowded we couldn't get in there - so we went across the way to Langan's
It wasn't as 'friendly' as the Irish American Pub - Lanetta is a jewel - but we were able to sit at the bar and enjoy a couple of beers and be off our feet. Much better than walking through the insane crowds in TS!

So - we got home at midnight Saturday night - RB slept almost the whole way home - poor honey. I couldn't sleep. On Sunday I felt like crap - really tired and achey - not realizing that I was coming down with whatever RB had.

By Tuesday I was miserable. LOL - and I mean it! I had to go to Working Solutions and learn of all the stuff I had to do to find a job - like I haven't been doing it already - and then I went to Urgent Care. Didn't do much on Wednesday and then RB and I had our own little Thanksgiving feast at my house. All these plans to go here, there and everywhere didn't pan out.

This weekend was pretty tame, Sunday I got a little stir crazy and walked to Joann's Fabrics to get Christmas presents (well the makings for them) - 5 miles later I was home. LOL Yesterday I sewed...and delivered a pillow I had done for a friend, made a knotted fleece blanket for a wonderful little boy and decorated for Christmas.

Now - back to the subject of this post.
I'm THANKFUL for all of the people who have rallied around me and called me and given me support in these trying times. I'm THANKFUL for the sewing machine that RB gave me for my birthday as it has been such a blessing - keeps my head and hands busy. I'm THANKFUL to Christine Elkins and Catherine Paterson for always reminding me to get my 'pieces of paper' aka diplomas because no one could ever take them away. I'm THANKFUL for RB - he's just an incredible person. I'm THANKFUL to BP - she knows what I'm going through and has given me one hell of a project to work on! I'm THANKFUL to have my home and so many dear people in my life. God is good!

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