Friday, November 11, 2011


So - being unemployed sucks. I've been working since I was 15, not afraid of work in any way. And I have to admit - that while I'm not getting to paid to work right now I've been busy getting things done in and around my house. RB and I have a garden all tilled out back and I've been working on my compost pile. I've had so many conversations with clients from old company - everyone has been very supportive and I really appreciate their thoughts, time and kind words.

These are some ideas going through my head - I need feedback though - tell me what you think. When I worked at Capraro Technologies, I created a monthly newsletter - sent it out to about 400 clients and friends...I was thinking that I should continue that. It was about tips and tricks in Office - but also about software and hardware coming out - comparisons of such - and stuff about malware, viruses, etc. I also added 'heartwarming' stories - just to keep it real. I was for the most part a compiler - I would find info online in lots of places but bring it together. And because so many of our clients weren't techies - I tried to keep it simplified and understandable. So - I'm thinking to start the same thing again - and add other ideas - thoughts, whatever. Remember - I'm a Jill of All Trades and a master of none...

I've also thought about starting a Facebook page - Michelle Looking for a Job! That could be interesting....

Anyway - with that being said - if you have any ideas, thoughts - whatever - let me know - please!

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