Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lakeland Winery

We (RB, B, D and I) went to Lakeland Winery - none of really knew what the deal was - but it was $10 for four of us to taste wine - half price. B was informed by the owner - Andy - to bring cheese and crackers or whatever for an appetizer. So between B and myself we had lots of cheese and crackers.

We showed up a few minutes before 7 and honestly I didn't think much of the store front - it's on State Fair Blvd in Syracuse, right next to a car wash and not a lot of parking. It was a small building - in the front - but very comfortable.  Two tables, couches, chairs and bar and lots and lots of wine.

Andy started out with a light hand on the wine - not a bad thing because there were a lot of wines to try. Of course the more we tried the more we got to try! LOL - and at the end there was the option to make a wine that we had tried. B&D are brewing a pomegranate wine and RB is brewing a Gamay Nouveau - a dry red. We get to go back in December to bottle it. Lots of fun awaits.

Yes - you can buy these wine kits and make the wine in your own home, BUT - there are a lot of extra tools and supplies that you need as well and why not make a night of it and go there and meet new people and taste wonderful wines. And...there is a Quaker Steak and Lube just down the road. We went there and had wonderful burgers and RB & D shared the 100 ounce beer - called a Lube Tube - LOL - good thing I was driving - the boys were useless after that!

I have another place to write about - I'll do it in a couple of days....a place in Rochester that RB brought me to last weekend.

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