Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hefner's in Syracuse

Jerry Berdan (from Quigsey and the Bird and me)

My friend Ash and I went to Syracuse yesterday, Hefner's Restaurant specifically. Hefner's has Quigsy and the Bird there every year for St. Patrick's Parade day and St. Patrick's day. Ash and I know "the Bird", Jerry Berdan, because we both worked with him for years. Jerry and Quigs have been playing Irish music for a long time together - and they are a staple for St. Patrick's day partiers.

This was the first time I had a chance to see Jerry play and sing - they are really good, of course the bar atmosphere with all the drinking made it difficult to hear them at times - but it was great fun to see them in action.

Hefner's has great food - Ash and I both had Haddock Jake - very excellent!

And me being an "old fart" we left there at 9:30 and we were home at 10:30! I don't do crowds well and the Syracuse game started and it was PACKED! I don't do crowds well either.
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