Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part II

Well - Mom and I worked on the front of the house today - what a mess! For whatever reason our yard is a garbage collection area... (My Mom also did cleaning in the house too...insane~)

So - some "before" pictures...

The front side yard and neighbors driveway - you can see the plastic bag stuck to a weed.

The front porch and the more of the front side yard.

Lots of matted down leaves, dog POOP!, and just yuckiness...

I was out there for about 2 & 1/2 hours, Mom lasted for 1 - the sun was quite warm.

The following picture is the one thing that I had to get out of there - a pricker bush that has gotten far too much of my blood in the past...Of course I had forgotten to take the picture before I started - but at this point it was just clipped back and I'd just gone around it a couple of times with the shovel and fork. It took me about 40 minutes - I broke the craftsman shovel. Lifetime warranty though, so I'll bring it back tomorrow to Sears.

The following pictures are the "after" shots.

The Cedars, the Smoke Tree, and Hydrangea
all have been uncovered and cleaned up

The Wegalia bushes are all cleaned out

The border is back up and everything is cleaned out...

Now I just have to wait for mother nature to get cranking...the lilys and tulips are poking their heads out...

Next week - the BACKYARD!
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