Thursday, March 25, 2010

A couple of things...

It's raining, still, and cold and not bike riding weather. So what's a girl to do? Should I bring the bike back in the house, haul it up the stairs and set it back up and maybe ride for 30 minutes? NO! I can't tell you how heavy that bike is and that combined with how short I am - it's dangerous to be hauling that thing up the stairs. And...honestly I don't like riding inside.

Saturday is supposed to be 48 degrees. I think that means I'm going to bundle up and ride. Little Falls to Canajoharie - 40 miles round trip. Not sure if I'll be able to go that far - because I'm going to wait for it to warm up.

On another note. I attended my 9th year of Project Sites - this is put on by MVEEC - Mohawk Valley Executive Engineers Council. It pairs students and local companies for an afternoon of learning, sharing and outreach. The students come from all over the area and companies open their doors to them. The company I work for is pretty small - there are only 12 of us - but we try to take a couple of students every year. It's amazing to me that even in this economy companies give up their time and workers to share their expertise and passion of their jobs. Mike, Bill, Jim, Chet, Ed, and so many other engineers spend weeks getting things set up for this and work so hard. Thank you gentlemen!
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