Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Murder Mystery

No - this isn't a news story about a murder - it's a reminder that the Stanley Volunteers are practicing hard to provide great fun and entertainment to those daring souls that buy tickets at the Stanley Theatre for "It's Just Not Faire!". Look - if I can learn how to do a dance and practice it in my house, office, yard, in front of people! then you can be helpful and buy a ticket to watch me do said dance. This is painful! Probably for poor Randy who is teaching us and the people in the dance that I keep bumping into too!

All that aside, this promises to be a very amusing show. So many people are working their tails off to do this and it's all to raise money for the Stanley Theatre.

Another thing that hasn't happened in the past is that we're going to have a series of raffles at the show. I don't know the prices yet of the tickets - but I do know that one of the volunteers wrote letters (by hand!) to about 75 local businesses asking for donations and let me tell you that the response has been INCREDIBLE! She has a notebook with the plastic envelope pages - FULL - in fact it's bulging and if she puts one more gift certificate in it, it will probably explode. So - just think - you pay $30.00 for hearty hors d'oeuvres, a fun show, and a tour of the Stanley Theatre and buy a few raffle tickets and you could be leaving with a gift certificate to a local restaurant, pizza place or some other wonderful thing.

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