Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paris Hill Cat Hospital **Update

I'll be heading there soon. My poor cat Einstein isn't feeling well. He's not eating (which is just not like him), he's not 'talking' (he meows or makes some noise whenever I'm home) and he won't lay down for long - he has to keep getting up. So...all that being said I think I have a very sick kitty indeed - some kind of obstruction. And for kitties - the only place to go is Paris Hill Cat Hospital - I'm just waiting for 8 when I can call and find out what to do.
Please think happy thoughts for Einstein - he is such a good cat and such a pleasure to have for company. It's funny how much our animals mean to us isn't it?

**Update - Einstein had surgery for an abscess on his neck. My poor baby...I wish I had noticed sooner - but he kept hiding on me. I think that he'll be coming home tomorrow and I'll be his nurse, giving him his antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds.  I just hope that he heals up well.

**Update  - Einstein is home and is behaving as usual. His neck wound is open (yuck) but it seems to be healing fast. I am so very glad that he is home and that the Paris Hill Cat Hospital is here in the Mohawk Valley! They are wonderful!
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