Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I didn't celebrate like a lot of people I know... The St. Patrick's Day parade was last Saturday and I am not really fond of going - simply because it seems to be for adults that want to get completely soused or for kids who want the free candy (that I understand). The getting soused part bothers me...and that reason was brought home even more profoundly when I learned that an acquaintance from SUNYIT Alumni board and a club that we both belong to was involved in an accident on Saturday. This acquaintance was at a parade (not in Utica) and apparently was drinking - how much - who's to say. But he/she was driving home from the day's festivities and hit a pedestrian. I believe that this person stopped, checked on the pedestrian and left, but did call 911. The person has been arrested for DWI and originally for Vehicular Assault. That changed on Monday. The pedestrian died. And this person that I know was arrested for Vehicular Manslaughter. It's sad - one person lost their life and another's life is 'lost' as well but in a very tragic sense.
Is it really worth it? Is it really necessary to drink and drive? I'll be glad to pick up any of my friends if they have been drinking and think that they need a ride home - and if I can't I'll call a cab for them. This acquaintance of mine is a good person, having fun, enjoying life - now the only thing this person needs is prayers and love and forgiveness - and the family of the victim need solace and prayers and love.
Please say some prayers for those who drink and drive and for those who are irreparably harmed by this.

I know this post isn't my normal kind - but this tragedy has been on my mind all week. Choice - it all comes down to that...
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